Patient Population Insight

Enabled with patented patient-matching algorithms, Patient iP vastly streamlines the time-intensive process of identifying patients within your population who are eligible to enroll in clinical trials. Utilization of Patient iP’s patented platform for patient identification provides data insight simply not attainable with manual processes, allowing your staff more time to focus on other meaningful patient-centric activities.

More Efficient Trials Benefitting All Stakeholders

By automating the patient screening process with greater precision, and increasing staff efficiency, vast amounts of precious time can be reallocated towards higher value efforts like patient engagement.

A Noticeable Leap Forward

Patient Matching Index™ (PMI)

Potential subjects are immediately identified through the Patient Matching Index™ (PMI) which ranks and scores the entire patient pool and matches each patient to study criteria.

Clinical Trial Matching Index
Co-Factor Index™ (CFI)

Further stratify selected patients based upon overall health risks posed by co-existing illnesses. This provides a deeper understanding of how inter-current illnesses might impact trial participation and outcomes.

Streamline Patient Identification

Sites today often find themselves using manual processes to increase trial participation. Successful patient enrollment and recruitment are not possible without robust patient identification tools. Patient iP does the heavy lifting so that sites can focus more on patients and less on administrative tasks

Improving Patient’s Lives

You can’t help them if you can’t find them. Patient iP’s patented technology accelerates the process of identifying and enrolling patients into even the most complicated studies, thereby expanding available treatment options while increasing a site’s capacity to participate in a greater number of trials.