Who do we partner with?

Patient iP is a robust solution with great utility around unlocking the insights that lie within electronic patient data. We are interested in the following organization types as we build out our partner network:

EHR and EMR Providers

Electronic clinical systems house tremendously valuable data that can be life changing for a patient – by connecting with Patient iP, we can uncover trial opportunities for your group practice customers, enabling the delivery of cutting-edge treatments and additional revenue.

HIE Networks

The goal of health information exchange is to facilitate access to and retrieval of clinical data to provide safer, timelier and patient-centered care. This data in aggregate holds great promise for identifying patients matching open trials – Patient iP can uncover those opportunities.

Site Management Organizations

Patient iP is the ideal technology solution for SMOs in need of automation to streamline the delivery of their trial-related services.

Accountable Care Organizations

Want to augment existing technology evaluating health outcomes for your covered lives? Patient iP can be applied to create patient cohorts for enrollment into quality programs.